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Squeezy Wax

Squeezy Wax

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Squeezy Wax

Squeezy wax is fun and easy to use! It contains a higher oil content than regular wax melts and it provides a much stronger scent throw. Just knead the pouch to get it going and add to your electric or tea light warmer! You can also mix and match scents to your liking. When finished, wipe out with a paper towel.
Keep pouches between 65-80 degrees and away from open flames.

Each pouch is between 3.7 -4.5 oz, DEPENDING ON THE BRAND OF THE POUCH - and will state clearly on your pouch. SOME POUCHES ARE CUT DIFFERENTLY AND ALLOW. MORE PRODUCT - EX: OVER THE 3.7 OZ MARK

Ingredients: Coconut oil, fragrance oil, wax blend & mica powder

Please note: color/appearance may vary from sample photos as all items are individually hand poured

Effin'Fabulous: The lavender scented cleaner we all love!

Blueberry Cheesecake: Mouth watering fresh blueberries blend with vanilla cheesecake and delicate graham cracker crust.

Love Potion No. 9:  A blend of luscious strawberries, fragrant peonies, and a hint of lively citrus to create an unexpectedly delightful scent. 

Snow Fairies: A beautiful candy-sweet combination of pear, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry that reminds us of an elevated bubble gum type scent.

Clean Sheets: A crisp linen top note leads to an innocent bouquet of fresh lavender, blooming jasmine, rose petal and white lily in this fantasy scent. Sunny warmth is created with sandalwood and musk, as hints of vanilla finish the blend.

Cheeky Monkey: (Monkey Farts) A complex combination of fresh orange top notes, followed by fruity tones of banana & berry with an underlying sweetness of creamy vanilla musk.

Sugar Coma:  Sugar, berries, cotton candy fluff, grapes, vanilla & a soothing essence of lavender

Sparkling Clean: Crisp, freshly washed linens & a hint of sweet berries, cotton candy, licorice & powdered musk

Pink Hibiscus: A tropical bouquet is sprinkled with juicy fruits and dewy greens over a musky base of caramelized sugar and coconut

Pink Pineapple: Pink pineapple, tropical citrus, and strawberry guava create a bright, exciting blend that captures the essence of sunrise on the beach.

Limonada de Sandia: (Watermelon Lemonade) Watermelon chunks are mixed with iced lemonade

Baja Cactus: Refreshing blend of fresh flowers and light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood base.

Volcano Island: Crisp watery accents add sparkle to an accord of tropical foliage that accents the fruity heart of this summer blend. Pineapple, goji berry and mango are perfectly blended for an exotic sensation, as a hint of driftwood adds lingering tones of sunny warmth to the island sensation.

Bahama Fizz:  A refreshing concoction of island pineapple, banana and kiwi infused with spiced rum and coconut.




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I do not accept returns or exchanges, but please contact me if you have any issues with your order.


Care Instructions

To prevent fire or injury: Use only tea light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Do not leave melter unattended while in use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable objects.

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