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Crystal Pods

Crystal Pods

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Enhance your senses and elevate your space with Crystal Pods wax melts. Infused with dazzling crystals and stones, each melt releases a luscious aroma while adding a touch of sparkle to your surroundings. Transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary and indulge in the beauty of Crystal Pods. **These will be priced according to how much I paid for the crystals.  

Loveberry: Top notes burst forth with the lively and enticing blend of sparkling red raspberry, pomegranate, and juicy red currant, complimented by hearty notes of creamy coconut, ruby rose and sandalwood. Irresistible and charming!  This pod comes with a chunk of raw Rose Quartz and crushed rose petals. (Raw Rose Quartz sourced from Sassie Finds)

Purple Haze: Top notes: orange flower and plum-Middle notes: Jasmine, lily of the valley and spice-Base notes: Vanilla and Musk. Smells like incense and fruit! This pod comes with a beautiful Amethyst point & clear quartz chips. (Amethyst points sourced from The Brilliant Crystal)

Berry Bliss: This playful and bright scent folds into a delectable blend of crushed pink coconut, candied plums, and blackberry musk that gracefully settle over warm notes of soft amber, white florals and cotton candy musk. A tempting allure of ripe berries and playful sweetness that leaves a trail of irresistible delight in its wake.  This pod comes with a Sea Jasper moon & clear quartz chips. (Sea Jasper moons sourced from Lucky Moon Crystal Bar)

Cashmere & Cedar: Sweet top notes of vanilla sugar sprinkle over a bed of petals and finish with a smooth, woody base. This pod comes with either a Sea Jasper Turtle & raw Pink Tourmaline chips or a Mookaite Merkaba with raw Pink Tourmaline chips (Crystals sourced from The Smoky Scorpio)

Clean Sheets: The perfect aroma of crisp, freshly washed linens. This pod comes with a mini Scolecite tower & beautiful Aquamarine chips. (Scolecite towers sourced from Triple Sun Crystals & Aquamarine chips sourced from Lucky Moon Crystal Bar)

Pomegranate Vanilla: The sweet sharpness of the mythical Mediterranean pomegranate could only be paired with the indulgent decadence of Madagascar vanilla, then punctuated by sleepy musk, sensual jasmine and bright citrus. This pod comes with a Labradorite cabachon & raw pink tourmaline. (Crystals sourced from India)

Cheeky Monkey: (Monkey Farts) A complex combination of fresh orange top notes, followed by fruity tones of banana & berry with an underlying sweetness of creamy vanilla musk. This pod comes with a mini mushroom & mixed crystal chips. (Crystals sourced from multiple shops)

Paradise: Rich, exotic passion fruit combines with delicate banana flower over a heart of honeydew, soft florals, amber and greenery. This pod comes with a raw fluorite chunk & dried chamomile flowers. (Fluorite sourced from Sassie Finds)

Oatmeal Lavender: Top Notes:  Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Middle Notes:  Lavender Bottom Notes:  Almond. This pod comes with a clear quartz tumble, a small evil eye & lapis lazuli chips. (Crystals sourced from multiple shops)

Tiki Torch: Notes of fresh citrus combined with wild orchids & has a background of vanilla musk and sweet sandalwood.  This pod comes with a chunk of green calcite & sunstone chips. (Green Calcite sourced from Sassie Finds)



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Care Instructions

To prevent fire or injury: Use only tea light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Do not leave melter unattended while in use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable objects.

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