About Us

About Us

Hi I'm Holly! Welcome to The Wax Lab!

This all started from a sheer interest in the process.  I would watch videos on how wax melts were made and just wonder how these people came up with their formulas and designs. Once I mentioned being mesmerized by the videos and the process to a few people, they were very excited and urged me to do it.

I took their advice and basically let it go into one ear and out the other.  I honestly didn't think I had the knack for this sort of craft, as I have never been a crafty person at all.  I have tried so many craft projects over the years, and they come out looking like a three year old made them.  

I have a wonderful friend that, oddly enough, I met on Etsy! I purchased wax melts from her, and we became friends after she asked my opinion on something. I ran all of this by her, and she is the one who really gave me the push and set me up to start! She very graciously surprised me with ten pounds of wax and a ton of fragrances and told me to get to it! I quickly found myself obsessed and enjoyed every second of what I was doing. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I felt I had creativity!  I could envision something and make it come to life. So, thank you, Misty (Maz) for giving me the push, the pep talks, the supplies & the knowledge/tips to get started. Thank you for helping me discover my creative and therapeutic outlet, and most of all, thank you for being such a good friend.

I never saw myself as a business owner.  I never wanted that in life.  I am so glad I took this leap and am now filling people's homes with good smells, good vibes, and all the shimmer and glitter...because no one likes a boring wax melt! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

- Holly xx

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